Doodle Communications bridges the gap between margin-to-margin text and fine art—one organization at a time.


Many organizations are unable to staff a technical communicator—yet they want to use quality, impactful visual communication pieces to educate, instruct, and guide audiences. 
Doodle Communications was founded to be your on-call expert visual communicator!


The Doodle Communications culture is based on a trifecta of product excellency, educational service, and environmental and societal commitments. 
Doodle Communications believes that a comfortable, less formal atmosphere breeds creativity and long-term commitment from employees and customers alike. 


Doodle Communications was founded by Eliza Nichols, who pursued her passion for writing "the boring stuff no one reads" when she earned a bachelor's degree in Technical Communications. 
It was her time working for corporations and the United States Department of Defense that inspired Eliza to branch out on her own.

©2019 Doodle Communications

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