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You've invested a lot of time, money, and energy into making your product perfect. You've conducted usability tests and completed countless redesigns. And when customers open your product and breathe in that unmistakable new-gadget smell, they're excited! 

Did you provide them with great instructions?

Many customers rely on instructions to learn how to use, set up, or even assemble a product. We're living in an age of online reviews. Poorly written instructions can lead to frustration, returns, and damaging word of mouth. Poor instructions could actually lead to the failure of a product.

What if your instructions were so intuitive, so easy to use, and so accurately illustrated that they enhanced your customer's experience? 

Don't let bad instructions get in the way of your product's success.

My name is Eliza Nichols, and I specialize in simplifying complex, technical information—instructions are my forte!

I spent my post-college career working as the sole technical communications expert for the U.S. Navy, where I wrote and designed nuclear maintenance instructions for aircraft carriers and submarines. I edited and illustrated Naval Nuclear Propulsion Manuals, designed infographics and presentations to illustrate Naval systems and processes, and I trained hundreds of engineers to write and design instructions.

I founded Doodle Communications so I could learn about your product and help you complete it with stunningly visual, custom-designed, user-friendly instructions. Book a free, no obligation consultation phone call today.

Designing instructions for:

  • Product assembly

  • Product Maintenance

  • Product usage

  • Processes

  • Cooking

   and much more!​

Want more information? Have questions? 

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