Graduate from Canva

and scale up to PowerPoint

Delay the cost of hiring a designer!

If you’re a small business owner, blogger, virtual assistant, social media manager, or anyone else who uses Canva, you need PowerPoint in your life!


Your instructor, and professional graphic designer Eliza Nichols, calls PowerPoint is the most underrated illustration and graphic design tool out there.

“It’s FAR more powerful than Canva and phenomenally easier than Photoshop.”

- Eliza Nichols

That’s because when most people hear PowerPoint, they immediately think of presentations. Even worse, they may even think of death by PowerPoint.


BUT something AMAZING happens when you stop using PowerPoint for presentations, and start using PowerPoint for graphic design!

During this course, we won’t build a single presentation! 

Instead, you'll design this:

Here's what You'll Get

  • An introduction to the key technical differences between using Canva and PowerPoint for design

  • Insight into using some of the tools in PowerPoint to customize and design:

    • Social media templates

    • Marketing material

    • Illustrations

    • Logos

  • Step-by-step tutorial for designing a New York city social media post or marketing ad (seen above)

If you're ready to gain skills that can delay the cost of hiring a professional graphic designer, you've got to check this course out!