Custom Signage

Have you ever traveled abroad? How thankful were you for graphical signs? Custom business signs keep the flow of traffic moving without causing confusion. Signage helps you find restrooms, order lunch, and use parking garage kiosks. Signs are often viewed, interpreted, and acted on in less time than any other form of communication—so it's important to get it right!

What does pricing look like?

Provide signage for:

  • Direction instruction

  • Advertising

  • Products

  • Websites

  • Machinery & equipment

  • Indoors, outdoors, & screen

   and much, much more!​



The following information does not indicate actual project pricing. Depending on the needs and nature of your project, your cost could be lower or higher than the estimates below. The following estimates are only intended to help you make an informed decision.


Many projects will fall somewhere between or even completely mixed amongst the following criteria. This is why all project prices must be determined on an individual evaluation. To get a price specific to your project, please call or email Doodle Communications.

The following estimates do not include the cost of having signs

made. Let us know if you need to outsource your final product.

Tell us about your project

We'll draw up a detailed contract

Accept or decline the contract

Pay 50% of fee

Doodle Communications goes to work!

Starting at $300 for:

1 simple average-size sign

1 simple graphic

You have written content

You have a design concept

Single design option

Single iteration at proofing

Comfortable deadline

Starting at $500 for:

1-3 simple, average-size signs

Simple graphics

Need written content guidance

Need design concept guidance

Single design option

2 iterations at proofing

Reasonable deadline

Starting at $1,000 for:

1 large, elaborate sign or

     a set of up to 8 simple signs

Large project (more than 1 page)

Complex graphics

No design concept 

Need written content guidance

Multiple design options

3+ iterations at proofing

Tight or urgent deadline*

Onsite travel invite*

* These services are dependent on Doodle Communications availability.

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